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5th Streetcar Mobile Musicfest
A Rockin' Success!

Streetcar Mobile Musicfest

For the 5th time in four years, bands once again joined in on the Portland Streetcar evening commute. On Friday, October 10th, 11 local bands performed on board the North/South (NS) Line from the Portland State University Urban Plaza to NW 23rd and back. Bands included 3 time participants Boy and Bean, Fatha Green, Brakemouth, Old Friend, Novosti, PWRHAUS, Moniker, Chandler Strutz/Just Lions, Frizz, Fringe Class and Moongriffin & Bernstein. Ranging from experimental jazz to electronica, bands kept the streetcars rocking from 6:30-10:00 PM.

Boy and Bean

A favorite of both riders and bands, the Portland Streetcar Mobile Musicfest has begun to inspire other cities to launch a festival of their own This September in Minneapolis,, Metro Transit had musicians perform on their Green Line Light Rail for the Rail~Volution conference. In Tampa, Florida this week, the TECO Trolley is celebrating their 12th Anniversary of operations with a performance on board their streetcars. And in the Coachella Valley of California, SunLine Transit Agency is having the ‘111 MusicFest’ with live music on a bus line that runs from Palm Springs to Indio.


Don’t worry if you missed out on the Streetcar Mobile Musicfest last week! Another event will be coming your way in 2015.

For more information, visit www.streetcarmobilemusicfest.org. To volunteer or submit your band for a future Streetcar Mobile Musicfest, email info@streetcarmobilemusicfest.org


Portland Streetcar Ridership Blows Past 2025 Projections with 20,011 Weekday Riders

The latest ridership numbers are in and continue to show growth in the system. In 2005, as part of an application for a Federal Small Starts Grant, Metro modeled Portland Streetcar ridership for the year 2025, 10 years after the completed Central Loop line was set to open across the Tilikum Crossing. The modeling showed predicted ridership for the current 14.7 mile alignment at 18,080 and predictions for the full Central Loop alignment at 20,115 by the year 2025. Ridership numbers in 2014 have already exceeded those predictions with 18,535 riders in April, May and June 2014 and 20,011 in July, August and September 2014. These latest numbers came within roughly 100 riders per day of surpassing the projections for 2025, a full 11 years and an opening ahead of schedule.

Weekday Ridership - Actual vs Predictions

Portland Streetcar is now operating with trains every 14 minutes during weekdays and has a full complement of vehicles for the first time in years. The ridership estimates are derived from sampling and are presented with a margin of error. Portland Streetcar is installing Automatic Passenger Counters on its vehicles this fall and will have more accurate station-level data beginning in January 2015.

Visit our Ridership page for full counts beginning in 2001 with the first opening through present day.


The Streetcar Mobile Musicfest is Back!

Friday, October 10, 2014
6:00PM – 9:30PM

2014 Streetcar Mobile Musicfest

Come out and hear live music on every North South (NS) Line streetcar between PSU and NW 23rd. For full details on the event visit streetcarmobilemusicfest.org or follow event Tweets @StreetcarMusic.


Additional Streetcar service between Portland State, Oregon Health & Science University and the new Collaborative Life Sciences Building

Beginning Monday, September 29, 2014 Portland Streetcar will operate a “Shadow Train” between SW Lowell & Bond and SW 3rd & Harrison. This train will be an unscheduled streetcar that will operate between regularly scheduled North/South (NS) Line streetcars. The “Shadow Train” will provide a much needed connection for students and faculty travelling between Portland State University and the new Collaborative Life Sciences Building (CLSB) in South Waterfront. The additional streetcar will operate Monday–Friday during regular school hours throughout the school year.

To learn more about the CLSB, check out OHSU's video.


Statement from Portland Streetcar Inc. on Dog Attack

On September 24, 2014 there was a tragic and avoidable incident on Portland Streetcar.  At approximately 6:30pm several passengers with dogs boarded the vehicle heading east; two of the dogs engaged in a fight leading to the death of one. 

Authorities are currently investigating the incident to determine exactly what happened and what enforcement actions may be needed. Portland Streetcar, the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County Animal Control are all cooperating and involved in the investigation.

No arrests have been made and no citations have been issued.

This is a very unfortunate incident. It appears to be an unprovoked attack by one dog on another. Both dog owners cooperated with police.

The dog is in the care of the Multnomah County Animal Shelter and won’t be released until the conclusion of the county’s investigation.

The county is investigating to determine whether the animal should be classified as a “potentially dangerous dog,” a classification that could include a fine for the owner and conditions for keeping the public safe.

As a reminder to everyone, animals are not allowed on Portland Streetcar unless they are service animals or being transported in a safe container appropriate for carrying the size and type of animal.  This rule is in place mainly for public safety.

People who need service animals have a right to use public transit including Portland Streetcar.

The policy for service animals is one that requires both personal responsibility from all pet owners and appropriate enforcement from transit agencies like Portland Streetcar. 

In the coming weeks Portland Streetcar will work to better educate the public on our policies.



Today the Portland Streetcar, Inc. (PSI) Board of Directors approved a plan to establish a monthly pass good for unlimited rides on Portland Streetcar beginning October 1, 2014. The monthly pass, which will cost $23 per month, will be good for unlimited rides on Portland Streetcar’s 14.7 mile system. The pass is available for purchase at Portland Streetcar’s customer service center located at 1031 NW 11th Ave, online, at several outlets around the alignment and on the mobile application for iPhone and Android devices.

“The monthly pass will be a great addition for regular Streetcar users that don’t want to pay the full $250 for an annual pass up front” said Dan Bower, Executive Director of PSI. “We recognize that for many of our users, $250 is a lot of money to pay at one time; my hope is the Monthly Streetcar Only Pass broadens our reach and will provide access to more users.”

Portland Streetcar Monthly Pass Draft Design

The fare policy for Streetcar has evolved as the network grew to include stations outside of what was known as Fareless Square, or later, Free Rail Zone. Today, 76 stations are served by twelve streetcars running roughly every 14 minutes. Additional service will be added to the Central Loop line when the Tilikum Crossing opens in September 2015. The Streetcar provides 5.6 million rides each year (18,600 per weekday).

Since opening in 2001; over 46 million square feet of new construction including over 18,000 new housing units have been built adjacent to the streetcar alignment, according to City permitting data.

Portland Streetcar began operations in 2001 and was the first modern streetcar system in North America. With the opening of Tucson, AZ last month there are now five systems in operation in America and dozens more in planning stages.

Portland Streetcar 30-Day Pass Available