Portland Streetcar, Inc. - Overview

Portland Streetcar is owned and operated by the City of Portland in partnership with TriMet, which contributes a portion of operating funding.

Portland Streetcar is managed by the Portland Bureau of Transportation, under the direction of the Commissioner-in-charge of Transportation. The City of Portland contracts with Portland Streetcar, Inc. to construct and operate the Streetcar system. Portland Streetcar, Inc. is a private non-profit corporation.

The Streetcar system is staffed by a combination of City of Portland employees, TriMet employees and  Portland Streetcar, Inc.

Citizen Advisory Committee

The Commissioner-in-charge of Transportation has appointed a Citizen Advisory Committee to advise the Commissioner, City Council, and Streetcar management on matters involving planning, design and operation of the system.

Streetcar System Concept Plan

The City of Portland developed a City-wide Streetcar System Concept Plan which identifies corridors for consideration for future expansions of the Streetcar system. This planning effort was managed by the Portland Office of Transportation in coordination with both the Metro/TriMet regional High Capacity Transit System Plan and the Portland Plan.

The Streetcar System Concept Plan effort was governed by a System Advisory Committee appointed by the Commissioner-in-charge of Transportation. The Streetcar System Concept Plan was presented to the City Council and adopted on September 9, 2009

Facilities and Staff

The Portland Streetcar maintenance facility, which is located at 1516 NW Northrup (under I-405) houses the staff of Portland Streetcar. Staff includes: 56 Operators, 2 Superintendents and 7 Maintenance Technicians from TriMet, a Manager of Maintenance, 4 Maintenance Supervisors, a Manager of Operations and Safety, 5 Operations Supervisors, 1 Streetcar Officer and 5 Utility Workers from the City of Portland, an Administrative Supervisor, an Acquisition Parts Specialist, and Administrative Assistant from Portland Streetcar, Inc.

Completing the staff is a Project Manager from the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation in the Portland Building, and an Executive Director, Community Relations Progam Manager, Sponsorship Program Manager, Office Manager and 5 Customer Relations Agents from Portland Streetcar, Inc. located at 1031 NW 11th Avenue.

Portland Streetcar has a total of ten (10) Skoda and Inekon Streetcars housed at the maintenance facility, as well as seven (7) streetcars from United Streetcar, LLC., a division of Oregon Iron Works.